AAA GPPS sheets are made from Polystyrene particles. They are characterized by a high degree of light transmission and high transparency, which makes them ideal for glazing frames and ceiling lights. GPPS is a low maintenance and lightweight thermoplastic which comes with high gloss and sparkling clarity due to its amorphous nature.  It is widely used in fabrication and gives exceptional results. GPPS sheets have 90% light transmission, high brightness level, low water absorption, high rigidity, no spread of micro-organisms, food grade high transparency, and excellent dimensional stability to heat.

Finish: Color- Glossy Matte/Textured/Embossed/Crystal/Prismatic Clea/White/Green/Blue/Bronze
Thickness: 1.5 to 12.0 mm
Sizes: 1220×1830, 1220×2440, 2000×3000 mm
Custom sizes and colours available upon request.
1.  Bath and shower screens
2. Poster and photo frames
3. Storage containers
4. Lamps and ceiling lights

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