Wheel Spacers

Wheel Spacers (Pile Cage Spacers)

Wheel spacers / Pile Cage spacers (open) are for reinforcing bars (construction/piling). A full range of wheel spacers are designed for accurate positioning of vertical reinforcing bars.

Wheel Spacers (Pile)

SizeColourBar DiaCode
75mmBlack/GreyClosed Std.WSR75C-3
75mmBlack/GreyOpen Std.WSR750P-19
75mmBlack/GreyClosed newWSR75CN- B
75mmBlack/GreyOpen newWSR750N-9
75mmBlack/GreyClosed Heavy dutyWSR75CB-6
100mmBlack/GreyClosed Heavy dutyWS100HDC- 257

Wheel Spacers

SizeColourBar DiaCode
25mmBlack/Grey4 to 8WSR25-90
30mmBlack/Grey4 to 8WSR3Q- 203
30mm-TBlack/Grey4 to 12WSR30T- 22
40mmBlack/Grey4 to 12WSR40-202
50mmBlack/Grey4 to 12WSRS0-65
50mm-TBlack/Grey4 to 20WSRSOT-43
Physical Properties Unit Value ASTM Method
Melt Index g/10 min 4 D-1238
Density g/cmᵌ 0.96 D-1505
Vicat  softening  point ◦C 128 D-1525
Brittleness temperature ◦C < -75 D-746
Tensile modulus at 1% elongation Mpa 1240 D-638
Tensile strength at yield Mpa 33 D-638
Tensile strength at break Mpa 22 D-638
Tensile elongation at break % 1200 D-638
lzod impact J/m 69 D-256
Hardness (Shore D) ̶ 69 D-2240
ESCR (100% lgepal), F50 Hrs 6 D-1693B

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