Polycarbonate Sheets are co-extruded with high-density ultraviolet rays in order to provide excellent resistance to colour and surface degradation. They offer a combination of properties such as high transparency, high impact and fracture resistance, high heat resistance, good dimensional stability and good electrical insulation property. They are also readily recyclable and have excellent processability.

Polycarbonate Sheets are a popular choice for customers in many fields, and are an ideal choice for safety and security glazing. Flat polycarbonate sheets, produced by high-quality extrusion machines, have both indoor and outdoor applications. For outdoor applications, a special cap layer of UVPC is applied on one or both sides of the sheets.

Polycarbonate products

  • Solid sheets
  • Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets


Non-conductor of heat & electric current.

Conveniently & easily machinable by sawing, filing, drilling, shearing, engraving. Sheets & cut-outs can easily be bonded together. Silk screen painting on the surface is simple.