Miscellaneous Items

Sofa Leg

Are used in the furniture industry & act as a base to the Sofa Unit.

Size Colour
40 mm Black
50 mm Black
60 mm Black

Visiting Card Box

Card Holder

Size Colour
Standard Transparent Clear

Aluminium Foil Cutting Blade

These blades help in cutting of Aluminium Foil paper

Size Colour
300 mm White
450 mm White

Swimming Pool Gratings

Swimming pool accessories

Size Unit Packing Colour
195 X 22 mm Linear Meter 12.5 Mtrs / box White
195 X 35 mm Linear Meter 12.5 Mtrs / box White

Pizza Protection Leg

Are used to support the pizza base and withstand high temperature


Are used on automobile exteriers and closed refrigerated vans

Size Colour
Standard White