Engraving sheets


Engraving Sheets are widely applied in the production of sign boards, name plates, lighting advertising boards, gift arts, information boards and interior decoration.

The main processing ways for double-colour plastic sheet are:

  • Cover Cutting
  • Sawing
  • Carving
  • Gilding
  • Laser-Treating
  • Bending
  • Bonding



Classic décor, screen print & punch plate, ideal base for all creative artwork, modeling & presentation base plate, passe partout, framing and support plate.

Panel Construction

Sandwich element with PUR rigid foam with pigmented chromo-substitute carton-sheet covering layers.

Behaviour in external Conditions

The sheet is not flame retardant. The foam shows no water absorption, only in cut cells. The layer is not resistant against water/humidity.

Chemical effects

The foam is resistant against solvents & glues that contain toluol; please make trials. The layer is resistant against glues and inks.

Colours available:

  • Gold / Black
  • Silver / Black
  • Black / White
  • Red / White
  • White / Red
  • Yellow / Red
  • Yellow / Black


Surface (look like) Length*width (mm) Thickness (mm)
PVC back engraved 1200 x 600 1.5+0.1

We also can supply customized engraving sheets according to your specific requirements.

Product Range

Size Thickness Color
  5 (mm) 10 (mm)  
1220 x 2440 White
1220 x 2440 Black