Our Premium Brand out door vinyl materials are manufactured according to highest quality standards and pass stringent quality controls prior to dispatch. . Digital print media are ideal for graphics that will be viewed from large distances and this makes them suitable for outdoor printing areas to create visibility or brandings .The wide range of different applications available in our out door materials . Outdoor materials are available in different thickness & weight , All statements, technical information and recommendations are based on tests and practical experiences and believed to be reliable but do not constitute a guarantee or warranty. Our vinyl is Excellent range of monomeric PVC with high quality resolution for UV and solvent printing , coated with high quality UV Adhesives (Solvent Free), (P) Permanent glue . Preliminary tests are recommended for each new application. For any need of advise or technical support the contact our executives will be pleased to assist.


  • Brand name : Premium Laminations
  • Specification : 80 microns pvc + 20 microns glue
  • Liner paper thickness - 120 microns
  • Types – Smooth Matt ,dull matt & glossy finish
  • Origin – Taiwan
  • Sizes available – 92 cm x 50 meters ,1.07 cm x 50 meters ,1.27 cm x 50meters ,1.37 cm x 50 & 1.52 cm x 50 meters
  • Compactable for all out door media

Inspection Item Inspection method Acceptable Quality Level Inspection Result
PVC Weights Electronic Scale 85±5gsm 86gsm
Glue model Visual Inspection Solvent pressure sensitive adhesive Solvent pressure sensitiveadhesive
Glue Thickness Thickness gauge 15±2um 15um
Paper Weights Electronic Scale White Paper with Green liner 118gsm
Total Weights Electronic Scale 220±10gsm 217gsm
Width Tape Measure Agreed Size (±2mm) Qualified
Length Tape Measure 50m (±20mm) 50m
Adhesive stripping quality Peel off Easy to peel off Qualified
Initial adhesion Primary Adhesive Tester ≥4# Rolling Ball 4#
Permanent adhesion Lasting Adhesive Tester ≥24Hr 24Hr
180° Peel off Electronic tensile test machine ≥8N 9N
Adhesive Test Fold the adhesive tape Do not lose glue within 5 times Qualified
Appearance test Visual Inspection No surface flaw (chute,crumple,waterspots,yellowspot,mosquito,crease,galling etc) Qualified
Property Smooth Product, no crumple in 5 meters Smooth Product, no crumple in 5 meters Qualified
Print Effect Eco-solvent ink printing, 300% of the amount of ink output, no heapink. Eco-solvent ink printing, 300% of the amount of ink output, no heapink. Qualified
Test Result Qualified
Tester Qualified