ImageAt Sabin, we understand the expectations one has from high-end precision component suppliers. We strongly emphasize on timely deliveries, process improvement, economic pricing of products, and training of personnel.Mr. Satish Gadoya


Sabin Plastic was established in 1997 under the leadership of Satish Gadoya, the chairman of Gadoya Holdings. We are a leading supplier of Acrylic, PVC, Aluminium and Polycarbonate sheets. We cater our services and expertise to a wide range of industries including Construction, Aluminium, Engineering and many more.

The Gadoya Holdings group is comprised of 16 businesses with a combined workforce of over 900 employees and an annual turnover over US$ 500 million. Building on the strong legacy of our network, we, at Sabin Plastic, strive to exceed our customers' expectations by providing superior quality products at competitive prices with the flexibility, optimum lead time and value-added services.


Satish Gadoya, Chairman

Satish Gadoya began his journey in the state of Gujarat in India. Born into a family of businessmen, he studied to become a successful engineer, but quickly followed his passion for entrepreneurship by laying the foundation for Gadoya Holdings in 1979. A firm believer in hard work and delivering quality, Satish's visionary leadership continues to be the driving force behind the success of Gadoya Holdings' products, processes and business relationships.

Piyush Gadoya, Managing Director

Piyush Gadoya is the head of manufacturing, production, project management and strategies at Gadoya Holdings. With a deep understanding of the IT sector, he has been instrumental in the use of technology across the group's different divisions, setting the bar high for product delivery, product lifecycle, life cycle management and customer service. Piyush believes in leading the future with innovation and research; with a vision to make Gadoya Holdings a pioneer in emerging technologies.

Sachin Gadoya, Managing Director

Sachin Gadoya is a Computer Engineer and a driving force behind Gadoya Holdings' market leadership across diverse sectors. With a focus on strategy and group operations, he has a keen eye for new markets and business opportunities. A big believer in global branding, Sachin also continually works with strategic partners to create value for the Gadoya name across different sectors and markets. Sachin firmly believes that relationships and people are the key to any successful business.


We aspire to be the global benchmark for premium plastic products, clutching our systems and quality to guarantee value creation.


We strive to stay committed ethically and sustainably in a manner that inspires our customers and the communities we serve. We do also engage in learning, unlearning and mounting the changes that happen in and out of the industry to stay a step ahead in the scale of excellence.


Over the years, we have grown both socially and economically. Some of the major factors that have contributed to our growth are:

People: We foster talent by creating encouraging teamwork and motivating leadership capabilities to succeed.

Conduct: We respect each stakeholder and ensure transparency in our business dealings at all times.

Approach: We use the best available technology and processes to deliver maximum value for our customers.

Sustainability: We ensure the highest standards of safety and eco-friendliness to exceed our stakeholders' scrutiny.

Ethics: We believe in transparency, commitment, leadership and communication in all our activities and decisions.